CLASKA Dining & Cafe "kiokuh"

Most of the menu base with an Italian and French which made with Japanese seasonal ingredients. We start from 7:30am for Breakfast then lunch, Dinner and Bar time to 0:00am. Please spend a time of the relaxation.

Week day only for sofa lounge party plan

From 4people-26people.

Please make a reservation 3days before from JPY 4,000 per person. 5 kinds of assorted snacks and 2 hours you can drink as much as you like.

Party Plan

From 4people-30people.

Please make a reservation 5days before from JPY 6,000 per person. 2 kind of assorted appetizers / Fritto misto / Big plate pasta / Main dish / 2 hours you can drink as much as you like.

Reservation Party Plan

From 50peple-150people.

6 dishes/ 2 hours you can drink as much as you like. Free for projector and sound facility to use. Weekday JPY 5,980 per person weekend JPY 6,960 per person.


Would you like to celebrate a special memorial day at CLASKA Dining & cafe "kiokuh"? We will be glad to help your special day.

  • Special shortcake of the season JPY2,500-
  • Dessert Plate for 2 person JPY1,200-

Roof top only for you TWO plan.

Everyday anytime between 4:00pm-10:00pm for 1 hour. Please make a reservation 3days before. JPY 10,000
You can enjoy for night view of Tokyo from roof top and spend luxury time for only you two. Please use for your special day like birthday and proposal. 2 glass of Champagne for each and assorted of dessert.